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January 2008 Round-up

Yes, I’m keeping up with the fascinating end of month reports that you can read instead of all the daily nonsense. Or not.


January 1: 215.2 pounds (15 stone 5.2 pounds, 97.6kg)
January 31: 214.4 pounds (15 stone 4.4 pounds, 97.3kg)

Difference: 0.8 pounds (0.4kg), which is not very good at all. Still, it does show some recovery from the higher weights I reached a couple of weeks ago.


Ah. Yes. Well. Maybe it’s the cold weather, or just lack of self-discipline, or whatever, but I’ve been having a lot of trouble resisting the lure of the sausage rolls at lunchtime. This is no doubt a major contribution to my quite noticeable lack of progress on the weight loss front.


Not that impressive, either. Out of 22 working days, I walked in just 11 times. Walking home doesn’t seem to be happening at all.


Well, not bad. I had a strong start to the month, then went quiet for a bit before having a late surge to finish January. Total including this post: 65.

Weight Report – 31 January 2008

And it’s another downward fluctuation thingy to end the month. How nice.

As the weather was ever so slightly foul today, I got the bus to work and home too. Shocking.

Just what the world needs…

According to BBC News, umbrellas are about to become infested enhanced with technology. Leaving aside the helpful umbrellas that connect to local weather reports and flash if it’s raining[1], I’m much more alarmed by the development of umbrellas that project web pages for their users to read while they’re walking in the rain. What a stunningly brilliant idea! I have to say that I’m really impressed by vastly superior minds that can solve a problem that I didn’t know existed:

People with umbrellas are in danger of actually looking where they are going

Now my observation of umbrella users, especially the ones who seem to think that those ludicrous things apparently intended for golf courses[3], is that they tend to be more aware of their umbrellas, or their phones in some cases, than they are of trivial matters like people walking in the opposite direction, who find themsleves having to dive all over the place to avoid nasty umbrella/eye interactions. But is seems I’ve been missing the Big Picture. What’s needed is umbrella-based web browsing. Yes, people need too keep up with MyFriendsFaceSpaceBookReunited[5] while walking in the rain. No doubt people will start carrying umbrellas regardless of the weather. I can see it now:

The Return of the Parasol

I think we should all be worried….

[1] OK, so all I have to do is remember to carry my umbrella[2] everywhere, and look at it before I leave any building, so I’ll know if it’s allegedly going to rain…
[2] Which I don’t have, by the way
[3] Presumably in an attempt to increase the numbers of golfers struck by lightning[4]
[4] Almost enough to make you believe in Zeus or Thor…
[5] Or whatever the currently essential “social networking” site happens to be at the time

I have a quite ludicrous number of domain names, you know. Some of them are mine and in current use, some are mine and sort of dormant[1], and others I look after for friends and family[2]. Keeping track of them all would be a bit of a headache without a good domain registration service, and I’m pleased to say that I have one of those. After various irritations elsewhere (hard to use control panels, non-existent support, etc), I moved to these people:

The control panel is nicely laid out, and it’s very easy to make changes to DNS and other such techie things that you may or may not care about. They don’t charge much for domain registrations, transfers of UK domains are quick and easy, and they seem to know what they’re doing. I was so impressed I used them for the even larger number of domains I have to keep an eye on at work[3].

And yes, if anyone signs up for their services after clicking through from here, I get paid. Woo hoo! But as with anything else I recommend, I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t happy with the service. And if I stop being happy with the service, the link will disappear from here.

[1] Assorted Tigger domains for a start
[2] I’m nice like that…
[3] Don’t ask…

City Library Construction

The basic framework of the new library is really taking shape now. This picture was taken from the upper level of Princess Square and shows some nifty machinery at work. It’s not as dramatic as the demolition, but it’s still worth a regular visit to see what’s happening. I’m planning to keep going back for the rest of this year, and until the new library opens in 2009.

City Library Construction

City Library Construction

Weight Report – 30 January 2008

Yes, yes. More random fluctuation thinginess. Following this week’s pattern, I walked to work and got the bus home.

It was bright and sunny today, but a wee bit cold, but a good brisk walk made that quite bearable. At lunchtime, I had a walk with my camera, for the first time in, ooooh, well, quite some time. I checked out progress on the new Newcastle City Library (lots), the Haymarket Metro redevelopment (nothing visible) and the Eldon Square redevelopment (big hole where a load of shops used to be). Pictures will follow sooner or later.

I’ve just completed another stage in my Macification[1] – I now have the software for my Canon 30D on the Mac, and I’m transferring my pictures direct rather than copying them from the Windows box. In order to do that, I had to move the better USB hub over to the Mac (being an ickle baby Mac Mini, it has just four USB ports, so a hub is pretty much essential for anyone not fond of swapping cables all the time).

More later. Probably.

[1] If it’s not a word, it is now, so there, etc :tongue:

Weight Report – 29 January 2008

Mutter, fluctuations, etc. And yes, I am getting behind with posting things around here. I’ve been a bit busy with other computer-related thinginess, you see. Last night’s[1] fun involved getting 17GB of music files from the Mac Mini’s internal hard drive to a shiny new external hard drive, and then getting around 50GB of photos from the Windows PC to the same external hard drive[2], and exporting around 8GB of photos from the Mac’s internal drive to the external drive, then muttering mystical incantations to get all the photos into one database in Lightroom[3].

All of which is a roundabout way of saying that I’m getting very close to completely switching over to the Mac as my main computer. There’s still some stuff to move, but nothing that I use frequently….

More details later.

Not sure how much later, though.

[1] That’s Tuesday, when I should have posted this, rather than Monday, which would have been last night if I’d posted this when I meant to :eek:
[2] Which took a while. Might have been quicker if I’d been bothered to connect the Mac by ethernet rather than wireless, but it didn’t really matter…
[3] Quite simple and straightforward, actually.

Weight Report – 28 January 2008

And it’s another random fluctuation thingy! Yes, Monday’s weight was lower than Sunday’s, but not by much, and I haven’t got anything to say about that, other than that I did manage to walk to work.

I wouldn’t go quite that far…

Ahhhh, another gem from Wellington Grey, which you should be visiting regularly.

Help me Sir Richard Branson, You’re my only hope manages not only to reference Star Wars, but also articulates the wishes of so many rail travelers…

While I wouldn’t go quite as far as that, I do think that if a train has a designated “Quiet Zone” or “Quiet Carriage”, then that should mean what it says. But it seems that rail operators think that the only noises that annoy people are electronic ones, and the only loud conversations that upset passengers are those made on mobile phones. Apparently kids screaming, their parents alternating between ignoring them and shouting at them, and people generally being loud are quite alright because no technology is involved.