Windows on Mac – Take 2

Now this is getting really interesting. For years, I’ve been used to managing my servers at work using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client. This is a good way of working – you don’t need to install administrative tools on your workstation, and you can use a normal account (definitely not a domain admin account for your day to day work.[1] RDP is also useful if I’m at home and need to check on a computer in the office. I even use it from my laptop to control my main Windows PC, so I can read my email while sitting in the comfy chair in front of the TV[2].

So far, so familiar. But I wasn’t expecting to be able to do this. This is Beta 2 of a new version of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client for mac. Being a beta, it’s not quite complete – there are some oddities with the keyboard layout, and at the moment it doesn’t seem possible to change which special keys on the Mac perform which functions on Windows, but I’m sure this will come.

A remote possibility

A remote possibility

I’ve got an icon in my Dock on the Mac which logs me straight in to the computer under the desk, which means I can stop switching keyboards and mice when I need to check my email (which still lives in Outlook on the PC for now). Seriously. Cool. Stuff.

[1] There are various ways of running specific applications with an admin account, but overall its less hassle to use RDP
[2] I multi-task :grin:

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