Doctor Who – The Infinite Quest

This is an ever so slightly different DVD release. It’s not from the classic series or from the main TV series. This is an animated Doctor Who story, with the voices of David Tennant (the Doctor, for anyone not paying attention) and Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones, for anyone else not paying attention). It was first shown in very short segments (just two or three minutes) in the BBC children’s show Totally Doctor Who, and these have all been glued together for this release.

The animation is simple but nicely done, and the voices are, of course, very familiar, with David Tennant applying his usual level of enthusiasm. The story shows signs of its episodic origin, with short scenes and more cliffhangers than you could shake a sonic screwdriver at, but it’s definitely watchable, and features some nicely bizarre guest stars. It all involves a hunt for the quite possibly legendary and very missing starship Infinite. It’s said that anyone finding the ship will get their heart’s desire, which means all kinds of trouble, of course. Good fun, really.

Extra bits and bobs include cast interviews and some behind the scenes clips. All worth watching.