Doctor Who – Timelash

This story, starring Colin Baker as the Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri, was first shown in March 1985, and enjoys its reputation as being one of the worst ever. But is it really that bad? Well, to be honest, no.

The story involves a monstrous deformed mad scientist (deformed by his own sinister experiments, naturally), a time tunnel (the Timelash of the title) used as a means of disposing of undesirables, a screamingly over the top performance from Paul Darrow[1], and….

For me, the best bit was the accidental stowaway the Doctor brings along. A young nineteenth century Earthman named Herbert. Who’s quite impressed with the Doctor’s Time Machine. Inspired, you might say. Yes, as 99% of the audience probably guessed, Herbert was indeed Herbert George Wells. Silly, but fun.

As I said, it’s not all that bad, but does suffer from budget restrictions making the effects a bit weak. Still fun, though.

This release is a bit light on extras – the only major item is a new documentary on the making of the story, accompanied by the usual production subtitles.

[1] Yes, Avon from Blakes Seven but with a seriously bad haircut