Something to save up for…

I’ve been getting on quite happily with my Mac Mini, which if I haven’t said it before, is a lot of computer in a small box. However, it is still what you might call an experiment. Some time this year, I really will need to get a new “main” computer. Something with lots of disk space (almost certainly with a bit of RAID to give me some protection against the Dreaded Drive Failure[1], at least 4GB of RAM and the ability to drive two large screens[2]. And as I’d like the machine to be able to run not just this year’s software, but to be useful for at least three years, probably two of the fastest processors I can afford.

If I stay with Windows, there’s plenty of choice – Dell do some nice workstations, and so do other companies that are moderately reliable. But if I go with Apple, there’s only one choice: the Mac Pro. These are serious beasts which have just had a bit of a refresh, as noted by MacUser. The new models come with two of the latest quad core 3GHz Intel processors as standard, can take up to 32GB of RAM[3] and four hard disks of up to 1TB each. And if you’ve got lots of money and an incredibly big desk, you can add up to four video cards, each of which can run two of Apple’s 30″ screens. Yes, you can have an eight-screen setup. Rather more than I’d actually want or need, but impressive.

See the full specs and scary prices at the Apple site. Caution: may induce drooling.

[1] Having suffered once, I’m a little paranoid these days.
[2] Probably my existing 20″ Dell screen to start with, followed by something bigger. There are some very nice and very big screens around these days, though the seriously big ones (30″, would you believe?) are still seriously expensive
[3] Though that would be extremely expensive at present.