Daily Archives: Wednesday, 9th Jan 2008

Weight Report – 9 January 2008

Yes, I did manage to weigh myself at stupid o’clock in the morning. In case you’re wondering, I was up long before the crack of dawn[1] so I could get to the station for a rather early train[2].

I wasn’t quite capable of doing anything as complicated as posting anything here, though. So this is a slightly late report with a fake date. It’s the time I would have posted if I’d been capable. So there.

[1] As I was waiting for the bus, the stars were still visible. That is too early to be doing anything other than hiding under the duvet.
[2] To catch the 7:00 train, I have to get a bus at 6:12. That actually gets me to the station by around 6:30, but the next one would be cutting it a little too fine.