Weight Report – 25 January 2008

Hmmm, that’s a bit better. Today’s weight is down a wee bit, and is the lowest it’s been for a couple of weeks. Just in time for the usual weekend rise, of course. :laugh:

The weather has been decidedly nasty again – last night I was kept awake by the howling wind for what seemed like half the night, but probably wasn’t, and I declined to make the effort to walk to or from work in such unpleasant conditions. Quite shocking, I know.

Regular readers may be wondering what’s happened to all the usual material I post here – the reviews, the general muttering, the stuff. Well, I’ve got some tihngs to post, but I seem to be lacking the motivation, concentration, and general tuitness to actually do the necessary typing. I’ll try to do some at the weekend. Unless I get distracted. Or something.