Daily Archives: Tuesday, 29th Jan 2008

Weight Report – 29 January 2008

Mutter, fluctuations, etc. And yes, I am getting behind with posting things around here. I’ve been a bit busy with other computer-related thinginess, you see. Last night’s[1] fun involved getting 17GB of music files from the Mac Mini’s internal hard drive to a shiny new external hard drive, and then getting around 50GB of photos from the Windows PC to the same external hard drive[2], and exporting around 8GB of photos from the Mac’s internal drive to the external drive, then muttering mystical incantations to get all the photos into one database in Lightroom[3].

All of which is a roundabout way of saying that I’m getting very close to completely switching over to the Mac as my main computer. There’s still some stuff to move, but nothing that I use frequently….

More details later.

Not sure how much later, though.

[1] That’s Tuesday, when I should have posted this, rather than Monday, which would have been last night if I’d posted this when I meant to :eek:
[2] Which took a while. Might have been quicker if I’d been bothered to connect the Mac by ethernet rather than wireless, but it didn’t really matter…
[3] Quite simple and straightforward, actually.