I have a quite ludicrous number of domain names, you know. Some of them are mine and in current use, some are mine and sort of dormant[1], and others I look after for friends and family[2]. Keeping track of them all would be a bit of a headache without a good domain registration service, and I’m pleased to say that I have one of those. After various irritations elsewhere (hard to use control panels, non-existent support, etc), I moved to these people:

The control panel is nicely laid out, and it’s very easy to make changes to DNS and other such techie things that you may or may not care about. They don’t charge much for domain registrations, transfers of UK domains are quick and easy, and they seem to know what they’re doing. I was so impressed I used them for the even larger number of domains I have to keep an eye on at work[3].

And yes, if anyone signs up for their services after clicking through from here, I get paid. Woo hoo! But as with anything else I recommend, I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t happy with the service. And if I stop being happy with the service, the link will disappear from here.

[1] Assorted Tigger domains for a start
[2] I’m nice like that…
[3] Don’t ask…