Weight Report – 30 January 2008

Yes, yes. More random fluctuation thinginess. Following this week’s pattern, I walked to work and got the bus home.

It was bright and sunny today, but a wee bit cold, but a good brisk walk made that quite bearable. At lunchtime, I had a walk with my camera, for the first time in, ooooh, well, quite some time. I checked out progress on the new Newcastle City Library (lots), the Haymarket Metro redevelopment (nothing visible) and the Eldon Square redevelopment (big hole where a load of shops used to be). Pictures will follow sooner or later.

I’ve just completed another stage in my Macification[1] – I now have the software for my Canon 30D on the Mac, and I’m transferring my pictures direct rather than copying them from the Windows box. In order to do that, I had to move the better USB hub over to the Mac (being an ickle baby Mac Mini, it has just four USB ports, so a hub is pretty much essential for anyone not fond of swapping cables all the time).

More later. Probably.

[1] If it’s not a word, it is now, so there, etc :tongue: