I’m not sure this should be legal

During my visit to Wales at Christmas, my brother and I spent a morning at one of those outlet centre places. While my brother got a good deal on a coat, my shopping was restricted to a visit to Whittard. Theirs wasn’t really an “outlet” shop, as it had much the same stuff as in their normal stores, though it was bigger than most. I totally failed to resist getting some chocolate covered coffee beans, which are quite lethally addictive. But I also got something else. Something so dangerous that I’m sure that there should be a law against it.

I got a bar of Lindt Excellence dark chocolate with chilli. Chilli and chocolate is a very old combination – the Aztecs (or some such people in that general vicinity) used to drink chocolate with added chilli, and those lovely Hotel Chocolat people do some nice truffles with a bit of chilli, so I knew I had to try this. And I’ve just got round to sampling it.

And you know, it’s pretty damn good. OK, it’s a bit light on cocoa – only 49%, which I’d describe as very low for dark chocolate, but it’s very smooth and moderately creamy. And the chilli is just strong enough to be interesting without overwhelming the chocolate. Really good stuff.

Lindt don’t list this on their website, and I haven’t seen it in a lot of places, but if you like chocolate and you like chilli, you need to try this. Watch out for it!