Whatever happened to the Lescam?

Regular readers and stalkers[1] may be wondering why the infamous Lescam hasn’t been updated for a while. Well, it’s all to do with my Macification.[2] For the last *mumble* years, the Lescam, and indeed the Tiggercam ran using the quite excellent, if never updated Webcam32 software using a variety of USB cameras, mostly of the Logitech variety. But here I am using a Mac. Webcam32 is a Windows application, and most Logitech cameras don’t actually work on Macs. There are some free third-party drivers, but these have mixed results, and I found that my webcam didn’t work too well. Users of Mac laptops or iMacs have webcams built in, of course, but Mac Minis don’t.

So, more goooooogling and reading followed. And lots of people found that a commonly available webcam that plays nicely with Macs is, err, made by Microsoft for their XBox 360 games thingy. This might be ironic, or at least amusing, but it’s certainly useful information. OK, I’ve ordered one of those, which should sort out the hardware requirement, but what about the software? More searching led me to find EvoCam, which looks like it will do pretty much what I need. I’ve downloaded the trial, and once I get the camera, I’ll give it a whirl.

The Lescam will return!![3]

[1] Hi Twisty!
[2] I think that’s the right word. Either that or assimilation…
[3] So cover your eyes now!