WordPress 2.3.3 is out

Yes, it’s another security release. This one only really affects sites that have multiple users, and allow registrations. Basically, with a bit of fiddling, any registered user can get to edit any post on the blog, which is not a Good Thing at all. If this applies to you, upgrade now.

Details from the WordPress development blog, download it from the usual place, and enjoy mind-bogglingly quick and easy updates with Bryan Layman’s EasyWPUpdate script.

Talking of Bryan’s script – it’s even easier now I’ve been Macified! The Mac’s Terminal – the equivalent of a Windows command prompt – is in fact a proper Unix shell, so I don’t even need a separate program like PuTTY as I did under Windows. I just type teh correct mystic incantation to open a session to my Dreamhost account and type the command. This saves another few seconds on each update! Woo hoo!!

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