We have new smilies!

A few weeks back, my old[1] fiend[2] Twisty sent me some animated gifs of the emoticon kind. At the time, I was a bit busy with my Macification to add them anywhere, but now I’ve pretty much caught up with that project, I’ve been able to make the changes needed to add them to Losing it[1].

You can look forward to:

  • :clap: if something impresses me
  • :bow: if something really impresses me
  • :unreal: if I find something hard to believe
  • :drool: if I really like something
  • :rofl: if I find something a bit funny
  • :dizzy: if something makes me really confused
  • :music: if I’m listening to something
  • :evil2: if I want to insinuate something
  • :sick: if err, well, I might not use that one

[1] :rofl:

[2] :dizzy:

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