Finally, a sport for geeks!

Anyone who knows me will be aware that sport just isn’t my thing. All those arbitrary rules, competitiveness and the like just don’t appeal to me at all, either as an observer or a participant. There is a certain pleasure to be taken when Wales beat England at rugby, but I don’t actually have to do anything as silly as watching the game for that.

But it seems that I might have to make an exception for speedcabling. Competitors have to undertake the hideous task of separating horribly entangled masses of ethernet cables. Now anyone who works with computers, phones, audio-video kit or pretty much anything electric or electronic will know that cables are evil. However you arrange them, they somehow manage to wrap themselves around each other in ways that seem quite impossible to disentangle without the aid of a good pair of wire-cutters. So this is a major challenge, and one that could be taken up by geeks everywhere.