Daily Archives: Thursday, 14th Feb 2008


The long-awaited update to Mac OS X 10.5 (otherwise known as Leopard) was released this week.



As a long-time Windows person, I wasn’t at all alarmed by the fact that the download was over 300MB, being used to very large service packs, updates and fixes. I was, however, quite impressed with how quickly this major update installed. Compared with a Windows Service Pack, it was a remarkably quick and painless operation. It would have been done even quicker if my years of Windows-induced paranoia hadn’t made me make sure I had a full backup courtesy of SuperDuper! before I installed a major OS update.

Weight Report – 14 February 2008

Ho hum. Another day, another seemingly random weight change. Today’s was a quite substantial rise, mutter. No walking today, and not a lot to report on the life in general front…