Mozy – One Week On

Is it only a week since I mentioned that I’d signed up with Mozy? Well, apparently it is, which is as good a time as any to update the legions of Losing it[1] readers[1] on how it’s going. I decided to cancel that initial 100GB+ job on the grounds that

  1. It would take an extremely long time
  2. It wouldn’t necessarily back up my most important files first

Once I’d stopped it, I told it to start with a new job that will just back up my photo archive and Lightroom data. Not too bad, only around 55GB or so. I set it away, and it started happily chugging away. The job stopped a few times over the weekend – there were communication issues between me an Mozy, or some such. This was only an issue because I was running a humungous initial job – the much smaller incremental backups that will follow in due course should be quick enough to survive such issues.

Anyway, after a few restarts, the job ran continuously from some time on Sunday to this morning. And that’s when I had a bit of a problem – quite unusally, the Mac was running veeerrryyyy slllooowwwwlllyyyyy. It’s normally quite quick at switching between apps, loading new things (even the Windows XP virtual machine I need for Microsoft Money loads quickly enough not to be annoying normally). But this morning, it just didn’t want to know.

So I eventually persuaded Activity Monitor to load – for Windows people, it’s much the same kind of thing as Task Manager. That showed me that the main Mozy program was using over 800MB of phyiscal memory and its status window was hogging another 300MB or so, which didn’t leave a lot for anything else. Normally, the Mac is quite efficient at swapping processes in and out of RAM, pretty much on demand, so this didn’t seem quite right. The status window didn’t take any notice when I tried to click the “Stop Backup” button, so the only thing to do (other than wait a long time and hope for the best), was to end the processes, which I did. At that point, the Mac sprang back to life and all was well.

Well, nearly all. As I’d killed Mozy, it wasn’t backing up my files any more, which is not quite the effect I was after. I didn’t really have time to find the right mystical incantation to make the background thingy load and start backing up again, so I gave the Mac a quick restart. Mozy seems quite happy for now, and I’m leaving the status window closed (there wasn’t really any point in having it open, as hovering the mouse over the menu icon tells me what’s going on).

I’ve just checked the Mozy site, and so far, I’ve got over 8GB up there. This may take some time….

[1] :rofl: :rofl: