Primeval – Series 2

Regular readers[1] might have been wondering if I was going to follow up my review of the first episode of the series. Well, I did start taking my usual notes, but after a couple of episodes, I realised that I was just going to end up with another backlog of unfinished reviews, and more to the point I was having a lot of fun just sitting back and watching, so that’s what I did.

But now the last episoide has been shown, I thought I’d do a quick summation. Let’s see now, how can I put it…

Woo hoo!!! :clap: Yeah!! :dizzy: Great!! :drool:

In a brave move, rather than just have the “monster of the week” thing, with a bit of added confusion from the appearances of Helen Cutter, the programme makers made things a lot more interesting this time. Quite apart from some great monsters in public places (Yay, crowd scenes! Lots of people running screaming!!), we had the added fun of a conspiracy. Yes, someone was working behind the scenes with their own secret agenda. Someone with inside information was working against Cutter’s team. This was all nicely confusing. We gradually realised that Helen was involved (no surprises there) and that Lester’s oily sidekick Leek seemed to be working for her. Or with her. Or did he have his own secret plan? Well, yes he did. And it was a suitably bonkers megalomaniacal one involving lots of those lovely future predators fitted with neural shunts (future technology provided by Helen) to enable him to control them.

Then there was the bit about Connor is conned by a beautiful woman who was paid by Leek to pretend to fancy him, the implication being that Connor is far too geeky for anyone to really fancy him, which might have been more believable if Connor wasn’t as photogenic as the rest of the team.

Oh yes, and did I mention lots of lovely monsters? Nice (sabretooth) pussycat, big heffalump (OK, a large mammoth of a non-furry variety[2]), a nasty case of worms, and much more.

It all ended with the serious villain being, if not hoist with his own petard, then at least eaten by his own monsters, a heroic sacrifice by one of the team[3], and Helen not only getting away, but plotting more fun and games. I’m sure her army of thug[4] will come in handy.

[1] Insert suitable levels of :rofl:
[2] Realistic long fur would probably have doubled the effects budget for the episode
[3] Though given the reality and time distortions we’ve had already, this may not be a permanent departure
[4] Either clones or some other kind of duplicates of the heavy that caused a lot of trouble throughout…[5]
[5] But they’re the same guy, so I thought a singular “thug” seemed appropriate