Happy Belated Birthday

I really should set myself some reminders for things like this. You see what happens is this: a few weeks before the event, I’m well aware that there’s something coming up that I need to do something about. I make vague mental plans[1]. I generally know what I need to do. And then I forget all about it. Actually, even with calendar reminders, I still manage to miss some things. I’d claim it was due to the ravages of time and galloping senility, but I’m pretty sure[2] I’ve always had this problem.

Anyway, I digress[3]. Like St David’s Day, this is one of those occasions I really should mark with some senseless wittering, but tend to forget. So here it goes, just over a week late[4]:

Happy Birthday, Losing it[1]

Yes, this deranged site has now been going for four years, which is quite a long time for me to do anything without wandering off and generally stopping. Of course the focus of the site has changed somewhat in that time. The regular exercise thingy has pretty much stopped[5], my weight has gone down, up and now back down again[6], and posting levels have ranged from “about five a week” to “please make the mad person stop typing”.

There have been a number of changes in the look of the site, new bits have been added, many photographs have been taken, and most shockingly of all, I’m typing this on a Mac, which the me of four years ago would have thought most unlikely[7].

What next? Well, more of the same. I have a vague idea about another change to the look of the site, but that’s only in the “very vague thoughts” stage, so don’t hold your breath. There’s a new version of WordPress coming, which might lead to some more changes, or might not, depending. And I’ll be posting more of the same old stuff for as long as I can get it together to put fingers to keyboard.

And for anyone who likes pointless statistics, in the last four years I’ve made 2,609 posts[8] with a quite ludicrous total of 396,617 words. Yes, the total thingy at the top of the sidebar shows different numbers, but it includes unfinished posts and pages too. That’s around 1.7 posts per day, which is, well, quite a lot.

[1] Some people might suggest that “vague” and “mental” are useful words to describe most of what I go on about :rofl:
[2] As far as I can remember :dizzy:
[3] Frequently
[4] Which reminds me of what Douglas Adams said about deadlines
[5] Getting older, dodgy knees, etc
[6] So I am Losing it rather than Gaining it these days
[7] Understatement thingy
[8] OK, 2,610 if you include this one