Another new look!

As a special[1] celebration[2] of the fourth birthday of Losing it[1], I have introduced a shiny new layout! Well, it’s not hugely different from the old one, but in recognition of the fact that most people have wider displays these days, I turned it into a 3-column layout. This means that the main content bit[3] won’t be quite so wiiiiiide, which may help make it more readable, and that all that interesting[5] stuff on the side can be seen without having to scroll down quite so far. I’ve also made the heading a wee bit less tall, so it takes up less of the screen. And I’ve moved the random quote thingy out of the header to a new position which I think is a bit tidier.

I think this is a bit better – but if regular readers[6] hate it, I can always change it back. Making these changes has reminded me that changing my hand-built layout to one based on Sandbox really was a Good Thing. The main part of the job was telling my main stylesheet to import a different one for the basic structure. After that, I just had to rearrange bits of the sidebar from one div to another, and make a few small adjustments to get it looking the way I wanted.

[1] If late
[2] Or whatever
[3] The bit you’re reading now[4]
[4] Unless you’re looking at a single post, in which case ignore all this
[5] Or not
[6] :rofl: :rofl: