Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World DVD

Now here’s a long-overdue DVD release. I remember seeing this when it was first shown back in late 1980. Back in those days when the UK had just three TV stations, it wasn’t unusual for ITV to show intelligent documentaries, and this was one of the best. These days, TV shows about UFOs, Bigfoot, ancient astronauts and all manner of odd phenomena are quite common on the Discovery Channel and other such places, but back then this was a rarity – a sober, thoughtful look at a wide range of mysteries, presided over by science fiction author and general purpose Good Thing, Arthur C Clarke, and largely based on his own researches, the series featured interviews with eye-witnesses, archive photographs and film, and a nicely open-minded approach. In thirteen episodes, the series covered all the usual suspects – sea monsters, anomalous ancient technology, UFOs, the Tunguska explosion, and much more.

It’s all good stuff, and stands up remarkably well, considering it’s nearly 30 years old. The transfer to DVD has been nicely done, and it all looks and sounds as good as you can expect from material of the period. There are no extra features, but at the price it would be petty to complain about that. Well worth watching if you have even the slightest interest in odd stuff, and especially if you’re not inclined to unthinking acceptance or rejection of strange claims.

One thought on “Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World DVD

  1. Richard Neimeyer

    I remember this series well when it was aired on the USA public broadcasting in the 1980’s. I even taped episodes on Betamax and enjoyed watching them all the time. :grin: On the sad occasion of Sir Arthur’s death I think the time may have come to perhaps re-release a new set of DVD’s with updated commentary. :bow:

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