Another small change

Up till now, anyone who reads this site through the RSS feed has been deprived. Quite shockingly, they’ve been able to read my reports, but the actual weight figures were hidden from their view unless they clicked through to read the post on the site. As I’ve been getting into the habit of using feeds myself recently, and I know how much more convenient it is to read everything in one place, I decided to do something about this.

The first thing I did was move the weight figure from the heading of each post into the body. About 15 seconds later, I realised that while this does make the figure more prominent and easier to read, it would have no effect whatsoever on the feed, which only looks at the main content, and totally ignores custom fields, such as the one I use for the weight figure.

Now I could have changed how I post things – maybe put the weight at the top of each post instead of in a custom field, but before doing that, I had a quick search. And soon enough, I found a useful plugin written by Kafkaesqui. It just needed a quick edit to make it look for the field I wanted, and a minor formatting change, then I uploaded it and activated it in the usual way.

I’ve had a quick look at the feed, and sure enough it now displays my weight figure after the text of the post.