Ian McNabb – How We Live

Ooooh, this has been sitting on my pile of things to talk about for months. So long in fact, that my initial comments about it being only available from those nice Townsend Records people are no longer accurate. Yes, you can get this one from Amazon, and you really should. If you’re not familiar with Ian McNabb[1], this is as good a starting point as any. It’s the man himself, solo, in front of his home crowd in Liverpool. Most of the songs are familiar from his earlier solo albums, but there’s also a cover of a John Lennon song, Steel and Glass and a new song.

Proceedings open with a fine performance of They Settled For Less Than They Wanted, with some nice audience participation, followed by an excellent version of The Absentee, running through a great selection of songs and ending with May You Always.

Ian is in fine voice throughout, and the sound quality is excellent. Buy it now! You know you want to!

[1] And you really should be, you know