More changes!

You know how it is when you start tweaking things, and then you can’t seem to stop? Well, I seem to be having one of those days today…

Observant readers[1] will have noticed that the header at the top of the page has changed. Not only have I changed the font to something more silly, but I have reinstated a long-lost feature: randomly changing headers are back! If you have a long memory, you might recall that a previous design involved ever-changing header pictures. For one reason or another, I dropped that in favour of clearer text and a small picture, and dropped the randomness. And as the files for the random changing thingy are, err, somewhere[2], and the plugin is no longer available from the author’s site, I couldn’t easily bring it back.

But I was inspired to change the header logo when I looked at Losing it[1] in Safari. For reasons best known to Apple, despite having the same colour values, the background of the image didn’t match the overall header background[3]. Not a huge mismatch, but enough to look a bit naff, so I decided to redo the header images with transparent backgrounds. While I was at it, I created a few more and changed the text to the new style.

Once I’d done that, I decided to revisit the randomness question. A bit of searching eventually led me to a script written by Matt Mullenweg, master of all things WordPressy. All I had to do was put the script and my new logos in a suitable folder inside my WordPress theme, and edit the stylesheet to look at the script instead of an individual image file. Yes, CSS doesn’t care if you tell it to look at a PHP file instead of an image file. The script does its scripty thing and provides an image.

The advantage of this method over the old plugin is that I don’t have to tell anything which images to use – all I have to do is add images to the folder and they’ll be used. And I can easily remove any I don’t want to use any more.

[1] Other than those who stay safely in their RSS reader, that is
[2] Possibly lost in the sad hard disk incident of 2007
[3] It matches in Firefox and Internet Explorer, so this would seem to be Safari oddness