Doctor Who – The Time Meddler

Yes, I’m nearly up to date with my Doctor Who reviews. Now this one was a pleasure to receive. While it’s great to be able to get hold of old favourite episodes, there’s an extra thrill about getting a classic Doctor Who story that I’ve never seen before. This was first shown in July 1965, and was the final story in the second season. William Hartnell is the Doctor, accompanied by Vicki (Maureen O’Brien) and Steven (future Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves). Steven stowed away at the end of the last episode, and he’s a trifle sceptical about claims of time travel…

The story is significant, as it’s the first time that we meet another Time Lord (not that the name was mentioned at the time). Like most renegade Time Lords, this one is a wee bit bonkers[1]. He wants to change the history of Earth by making sure Harold wins the Battle of Hastings, and he’s not afraid of using a bit of high technology to assist. His plan (nicely written out for the Doctor to discover) involves using fancy weapons to see off the Norse invaders in Northumbria, leaving Harold free to see off the Normans. There’s lots of silliness with Saxons and Vikings, and what must have been a shocking moment when it was first shown:

The monk’s got a TARDIS!

Like most of the 60s stories, by current standards the pace is slow, but it’s still very watchable. Definitely recommended.

Special features include:

  • The usual commentary – this one is a bit special as one of the participants is the late Verity Lambert, Doctor Who’s first producer. It was recorded a few weeks before her death last year.
  • A short look at Verity Lambert’s career in TV.
  • Stripped for Action – The First Doctor – the first in a series of features looking at the Doctor’s comic strip adventures.
  • Restoration: A short feature showing before and after examples of the magic techniques used to restore the material for DVD release
  • And those ubiquitous production subtitles

[1] The Doctor is also bonkers, but generally in a good way…

One thought on “Doctor Who – The Time Meddler

  1. Geoffrey Thomas

    :wave: Geoffrey Thomas exploring how time works

    It’s a wonder the doctor who sreies produces don’t create an episode where the doctor goes back in time visiting the great scientific thinker and hero of the scientific world Albert Einstein when he was greating his theory of realitivity working at the Swiss Pataint office durying the first world war Din’t Einstien propose clocks slow down at extreme velocity?

    Some of us believe time comes to a stop at that point. The question I’d like to ask how does the environment’s point of view see us if we see the environment’s time stopped when at the maximum speed of light?

    I’ve been exploring in my blog called (http://) time travel and parallel universe theorie ( how we observe the environment’s time passes as we slow time it’s time from our point of view as we aproach the maximum speed of light

    We observe the hour and minute hands of clocks frozen in time at any given moment just as if we would see if we were at the maximum speed of light observed by the environment’s point of view. Despite “us” seeing the environment frozen in time when at the maximum speed of light, from “the environment’s point of view” would see us speeded up in time.

    Something tells us despite the fact the hour and minute hands appear to be frozen in time at any given moment they’re not. It appears we are observing the muinuite and huor hands stationary moving though time at the same time.

    Yours The explorer of time

    Geoffrey Thomas

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