More about Safari 3.1

I briefly mentioned the new Safari 3.1 yesterday, but as I’ve just found some more information about its new tricks, I thought I’d pass it on. Macrumors[1] has a piece with links to demos of some new tricks including CSS animation and downloaded fonts. This is clever stuff, and (when it’s more widely adopted) will enable more sites to do clever interactive stuff without having to use Flash or other such things. If you’ve downloaded Safari, have a look. You can look with other browsers, but the clever stuff won’t work, so there’s not much point…

So, what do I think of Safari so far? Well, it mostly does the job. I’m missing some of my favourite Firefox extensions[2], and unlike IE and Firefox, there is no built in way of setting multiple tabs to open as my home page[3], which does seem a bit odd these days. I’m sure I’ll find other things that are unfamiliar as time goes on – some may not be problems as such, just differences.

[1] One of those sites I monitor through NetNewsWire
[2] Mostly Scribefire
[3] Several ways of making it open multiple tabs at once, but that’s not what I’m expecting to see