Weight Report – 21 March 2008

Oooh! Now that’s more like it. Looks like I’ve recovered properly from the Days of Bloat, as I’ll call them for now. I did manage a short walk yesterday, but as it was once again rather windy, I didn’t do much.

When I got up this morning (moderately early, which is not bad for a day off), the sky was clear and the sun was shining, so I did think about getting out with the camera, but by the time I’d had some coffee, it had started to cloud over, so I decided not to bother. Just as well, as it’s now very grey, rather windy and it’s raining. The rain is likely to turn to sleet or snow later, with more snow predicted for the weekend.

Today being Good Friday, it’s time for that traditional song, which I’d like you all to join in with:

I’m dreaming of a White Easter….

Seriously – I do believe snow is more common at Easter than at Christmas in the UK…