Spring Has (Not) Sprung

As the forecast was for snow, sleet, earthquakes, volcanoes and rains of small fish[1], I decided to get an early start and do my shopping before it got nasty. There was a bit of a lazy wind[2] blowing, which wasn’t nice, but there was a distinct lack of stuff falling from the sky. Anyway, shopping done, I was back home well before 11am, which is pretty good for me on a Saturday[3]. About ten minutes later, the hail started, so I got that about right…

And it’s been on and off nasty stuff all afternoon. Snow, featuring lots of big flakes, but no inclination to stick on the ground, and something more like nasty sleet. And now it’s cleared up again. I was hoping for a proper snowfall, so I’d have something to motivate me to go out with the camera, but that seems to have been cancelled. Mutter.

[1] Or something like that. I might be remembering it wrong. :dizzy: It certainly sounded dramatic, anyway.
[2] The kind that can’t be bothered going around you, so goes straight through instead
[3] It’s not unusual for me to be still trying to persuade myself that getting dressed and going out is a good idea