The Smithereens – Behind the Wall of Sleep

One of those random, unfocussed conversations on a mailing list led to a fiend[1] mentioning this song, which I loved at the time, and still enjoy now. Way back then, it wasn’t easy to get hold of, and it wasn’t until the early 90s that I eventually got hold of it on CD[3]. Of course, these days it’s much easier to get hold of those odd songs that get wedged in your brain, which this one did in mine quite some time ago.

This video clip[4] shows the band performing on the classic 80s Newcastle-produced TB show The Tube, and is rather nice. Twisty pointed me at the link, so I’ll have to give her another credit[4]

[1] Sorry, friend[2]
[2] Hi Twisty :wave:
[3] If my flaky memory is correct, I had to order the album on import
[4] Thanks, Twisty :bow: [5]
[5] I hope you appreciate all these special footnotes I’m giving you :rofl: