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May 2008 Round-up

What? May’s over already? Well here’s another enthralling end of month report that you can read instead of the seemingly endless daily nonsense. Or not.


May 1: 216.8 pounds (15 stone 6.8 pounds, 98.3 kg)
May 31: 218.0 pounds (15 stone 8 pounds, 98.9 kg)
Difference: A rise of 1.2 pounds (0.5 kg), which is the opposite of last month’s result. I’m still hovering around the same level, and I don’t seem to have the thinginess to do anything about it.


Far too many over-sized lunches again.


Oh dear. Out of 16 working days this month, I walked to work five times, and walked home four times, which is much worse than last month. I found I was more inclined to walk on days with better weather. Maybe there’ll be some more of that…


OK, I thought last month’s post total of 101 was high, but I’ve excelled myself again. Including this post, and the automagic Twitter thingy that will appear later, May’s total will be 153. Now we can deduct around 15 of those automagic Twitter posts, but that would still leave over 135 posts this month. A lot of the extra posting has been from me catching up on my huge backlog of photos. I’ve still got about five months of photos to work through, so expect a lot more of those over the next few weeks.

Still to come – more reviews, more weight reports (even if they’re not showing any sign of progress), more Twittering, lots more photos, and anything else that comes to mind.

Doctor Who – Silence in the Library (brief report)

OK, I’ll go into more detail when I’ve seen the second part of this Steven Moffat story, but here are a few highlights:

We have some serious confusion when the Doctor meets an old friend who he hasn’t met yet, but who’s met him many times. This is the kind of thing that should happen to time travellers from time to time.

We have some really nasty monsters. The worst kind – the ones in the shadows…

We have some serious reality bending with someone who may be dreaming it all, or not.

And we have some great lines:

I’m a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists.

And in the finest tradition of “Are you my Mummy?” we have:

Hey, who turned out the lights?

Seriously good. Much scarier than any episode since the last one by Steven Moffat (Blink), and has a cliffhanger with multiple threats…

And remember, boys and girls, Mr Moffat is going to be running Doctor Who from the 2010 series. Things can only get even better.

More WordPress 2.5 Tweakage

Now this is nifty – a WordPress plugin that modifies the layout of the admin interface to make it rather more friendly. Written by CSS guru Eric Meyer :bow: , it closes up the top area quite nicely, and so moves more of the stuff I want to get to above the fold.

I had a slight problem in that it didn’t play nicely with the drop down menus I use – it had the site title overlaid on the menu, which looked messy. So I had a look at the CSS, and hid the title. I might have another look and see if I can refine that. Now that the excellent Mr Meyer, whose CSS books have helped me in the past, has done the hard bit, I can do some basic tweakage to make the pages look the way I want them. Good stuff, that.

Meyerweb: WordPress Tools: MW Adminimize

Saltwell Park – 12 August 2007

Looking back, it seems like I only posted one picture from the thingy I attended in Saltwell Park last August. Well, I’ve now reached that point in my gradual backward progress through my backlog, and I’ve picked some of the better ones for this album.

It wasn’t the best day for it, but I’ve managed to get some pictures of the wildlife, the plants and some other bits and bobs in the park, as well as some photographers.

More photos soon – including some old ruins.

The Lunatics Have Left The Asylum in Charge of the Morons…

OK, I think most people can accept that high levels of security are necessary at airports, and can even accept some of the more absurd restrictions on what can be taken on board planes[1]. But this looks like a level of “security” too far. A traveller was told he couldn’t board a plane because of his t-shirt. Did it have some offensive slogan? Did it encourage support for terrorists? Errr, no. It had a cartoon robot on it:

The Edge Of Madness – No t-shirt, no flight

How the flying wossnames can such a garment be construed as a threat, or even slightly disturbing? Does this make any sense at all? Have the people responsible for security really detached their brains in favour of a bizarre interpretation of badly-written regulations?

I’d love to believe that this isn’t true, but the writer apparently has lots of witnesses…

[1] Though if all those bottles of liquid are really potentially dangerous, shouldn’t they be handling them carefully?

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30

  • More odness. @wubud wants to give away a Mac Book Air, once he has 5,000 followers. 428 so far, so it may be a while… #
  • Looks like another quiet day in. Posting frenzy may ensue #
  • And more Columbo #
  • Coming soon: a hotel on Grey’s Monument Not sure if it’s the coolest thing ever or the craziest. Or both. #
  • Doctor Who Series 4 Part 2: going for an even bigger ending than last time :-D #
  • PhotoTwitter? Hmmm. Looks like I need a shave…<br /> #

Doctor Who – New Trailer

Just caught this for the first time on BBC One. And what can I say except OMG, WOW, WOO HOO?

Yes, we have Rose! Yes, we have Daleks, and it looks like poor little Dalek Caan isn’t on his own. And it also looks suspiciously like all the rumours are true and DAVROS IS BACK.

And the title of episode 11 is still officially secret. Though I have seen an interesting rumour. Talking of rumours, the finale will allegedly include Captain Jack :bouncy: :bouncy: :bow: and even more allegedly, Sarah Jane Smith :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:

YouTube video included on the usual “unless and until it gets pulled for copyright violation” basis.

And yes, the video has gone…


Columbo – Seasons 1 to 7

Back in December, I mentioned that I’d got the first season of Coumbo at a very nice price. Well, I really enjoyed watching that, and since then I’ve kept half an eye out for more of the same. But wherever I looked, the later seasons were all a wee bit more expensive. Not horribly expensive, I suppose, but over £20 a set, which would have ended up costing a lot of money in all.

Then I found this set. It includes the Season 1 package that I already have (though the outer box doesn’t mention that those pilot episodes are included), plus the following six years worth of episodes. That’s 44 episodes in all, with a running time of a little under 60 hours, spread over 23 discs. Now that’s a lot of stuff to watch, and so far I’m about halfway through season three, so I’ve still got lots more to go. Some of the episodes I’ve seen many times, others hardly ever, and I may even find one or two I’ve never seen, unlikely as that might seem. I paid £40 for the set in HMV, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

Extra features are pretty much absent, but at this price, I’m not complaining. This set includes all the 1970s run, so I’ll be looking out for the late 80s revival episodes next.

Update: Now I’ve watched all the disks, I can confirm that there are some extras: two episodes of the short-lived sort of spin off Mrs Columbo, starring Captain Janeway Kate Mulgrew as the wife of a detective lieutenant. Columbo’s dog and car are seen, but the man himself is absent. Not terribly good, really.