A Minor Rearrangement

Regular readers of the non-RSS persuasion may have noticed that I’ve made a few little changes to the main page of the site. I’ve taken the fancy header out in favour of some plain text, and taken some stuff out of the sidebars.

This is a step towards the next proper rearrangement, which might appear at some point. I nearly did it a few weeks ago, but the version I was working out crashed and burned in a suitably messy way when viewed with Internet Explorer 6. Now IE6 is a very old and very nasty thing, but a lot of people are still using it – around 20% of all visitors to Losing it[1] appear to have it. In some cases they’ll be on older machines, or on work machines that haven’t been upgraded to IE7 yet, which means they don’t necessarily have the power to switch to something else. Not wanting to upset readers, or to tell them which browser to use, I backed off from that, and I’ve now removed the last bit of IE oddness. I’ve been checking the site on IE6 and it now looks more or less as it should, albeit with some headings being a bit bigger than I planned them to be, but that’s a very minor issue.