Mozy for Mac – Out of Beta

Following on from my last Mozy report, it’s still happily backing up my stuff without causing me any trouble at all.

Mac users who are more reluctant than I am to use beta software might like to know that it’s now at an actual release version –! The automagic update feature that was introduced in one of the betas did its stuff today. Well, almost. It updated the software, but didn’t manage to restart the status thingy that shows what’s going on. I actually noticed that it was missing, went into my Applications folder to restart it, and noticed that it had a timestamp indicating it had been updated today, but didn’t quite register that it had been upgraded until I saw a report on Macworld.

I’m still happy with what it’s doing, and my confidence in Mozy was increased further by this story on The Register about them expanding into more data centres. Good stuff.