So long, and thanks for all the titles

I’ve been using the Optimal Title plugin for a few years now – it was written to change the normal behaviour of how WordPress generates the page title. That’s the title that appears on the title bar of your browser window, or in search engine results, not the title of a post as displayed on the page, you understand.

The way WordPress liked to do it was like this:

Losing it[1] » Title of the post

Which puts the more specific information later in the link, which search engines tend not to like. It also looks messy for people reading results from Google[1]. It also defaults to that funny » thingy as a separator. I think one of the core developers must like »s, as I seem to recall them being used as list markers in earlier versions of the standard theme.

Anyway, when I learned about Aaron Schaefer’s plugin, I added it to the site. And I changed the » thingy to a colon. It’s been sitting there minding its own business, been upgraded once or twice, and generally been a Good Thing. But no more! A little earlier, I was looking through the long list of active plugins on the site, and removing a few that I’m not really using, or which are a bit pointless, when I saw Optimal Title, and remembered something that I’d read in passing recently. Yes, the function of Optimal Title is included in WordPress 2.5, so the plugin is no longer needed.

Full details of how to edit your header to the new code is available from this post Aaron Schaefer made back in February:

Optimal Title Functionality Now in WordPress Core

I’ve done all that, and disabled the plugin. Readers should not notice any difference, but it’s one less little bit of code to load, which should speed things up by an imperceptible amount.

Thanks to Aaron[2] for the plugin, and for telling us how to replace it. :wave:

[1] Other search engines are available, etc…
[2] No, not that Aaron