WPG2 v3.0.6

Yes, it’s only a couple of days since I mentioned WPG2 v3.0.5, but there’s already a bug-fixing update. A brief note of the fixes (all two of them) is available on the Release Notes page, or you can catch up on the discussion in the support forum.

As before, the plugin is available from the WordPress Plugin Directory. If you have 3.0.5 installed, you should get the automatic upgrade prompt in your plugins list. I used that, and it worked exactly as expected, which was nice.

Apparently some users are still having some problems, so a further release may not be far off. Most problems seem to affect people using the visual editor in WordPress, so if that’s you, it might be worth a quick look through the forum before you install. I always use the plain text editor, so I didn’t have a problem there.

There have also been reports that some people have problems using the autoupdate – unlike some plugins, WPG2 needs to be deactivated before an upgrade is installed, then reactivated. The updater is supposed to do this (and it certainly did for me), but other people have had it fail. If in doubt, deactivate manually first.

I really like WPG2 a lot – once it’s set up, it makes it outrageously easy to insert images from Gallery2 into WordPress posts, and to make your Gallery albums look just like your WordPress pages. Nice software, and I’d hate to not have it around.