Gateshead Car Park Pictures

As I promised just over a week ago, I’ve now sorted out the photos from my visit to Gateshead’s concrete car park. Yes, I know they’re a bit later than I suggested at the time, but you know what I’m like for finding tuits. If you go back to the original post you will see lots of pictures of the view from the car park in various directions and from various levels. There are also some of the looooooong queue, some other photographers[1], and some details of the building itself. Out of 114 pictures taken on the day, I’ve used 70, which is higher than my usual ratio. That’s mainly because I was keen to have a good record of the day rather than an indication of the quality of the images!

Having said that, using Lightroom 2 Beta for this did make processing them a quick and painless operation. More pictures soon….

[1] If that was you down there, :wave: