Weight Report – 7 May 2008

Oooh! Another quite impressive drop today.

It was another warm and sunny day, and I walked to work without needing to bully myself at all, which is just as well, as I don’t respond well to that sort of thing. At lunchtime I had a moderately long walk, which involved having a close look at the High Level Bridge, which should be opening very soon, then down to the Quayside and across to Gateshead, where I had a look at some of the new developments going on around there. Despite being made moderately hungry by the walk, I managed to have precisely one sandwich and zero sausage rolls.

I was a bit late leaving the office, but I didn’t accept that as an excuse for catching the bus, and walked home. The only trouble with all that walking is that my knees are now being quite rude about the little matter of going upstairs. Oww.

Photographs from today’s walk will appear when I have the right tuit available, possibly later today.