Castle Keep – 7 May 2008

With the High Level Bridge being closed for so long, it’s been ages since I’ve been near the Castle Keep. I really should visit more often, as it’s an interesting building which is worth a proper look round. And for the small price of admission, you can climb to the top and enjoy a superb view over Newcastle and Gateshead. The original castle was built with that in mind, of course. What we see today was largely restored in the 19th century, but many parts are quite old.

Anyway, when I took the train to Teesside a few weeks ago, I noticed that there was scaffolding and sheeting around part of the Keep, and on my walk earlier this week, I remembered to have a look. Well, I was going to the High Level Bridge, so I had to pass it anyway, which sort of reminded me. This album is a small one with some views of the Keep – some from the Swing Bridge, looking up, and some rather closer.