Newcastle Photos – 6 February 2008

You might recall that I had another Quayside walk back in February. At the time, I only got round to posting a few of the pictures I took, and used Flickr for them. Well, I’ve been slowly working my way backwards through my unprocessed photos[1], and this afternoon I reached the 6 February folder. On that day, I went out with my 100mm Macro lens, quite possibly with the intention of trying to do some interesting close up shots of whatever caught my eye, but I was distracted by the kittiwakes that nest under the Tyne Bridge, and spent much of the available time trying to catch them in flight. They were swooping around quite quickly, so a lot of my attempts at panning failed miserably, but I managed to get a few I’m quite pleased with. Some have already appeared here, but I’ve gone through again and given some more Lightoom-style TLC to them, and now you can see the lot in one album.

In addition to the birds, you can see bridges, stairs and a few other things.

[1] I should catch up in a year or so…

2 thoughts on “Newcastle Photos – 6 February 2008

  1. David Byrne

    I live in Bristol but was in Newcastle on Tuesday. Amazed to see (& hear!) your Kittiwakes – only ever seen them on cliffs before.

    Sorry to tell you though that your pic is of an immature or winter plumage Black-headed Gull.

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