Daily Archives: Sunday, 11th May 2008

More Snow – 3 January 2008

Following straight on from the Saltwell Park snow pictures, here are some more general pictures of Newcastle and Gateshead on the same day.

And with that, phase one of my photographic backlog clearance plan is complete! Yes, I’ve been through all the pictures I’ve taken so far this year, and posted all the ones I think are worth looking at. Or at least worth not being deleted with extreme force.

Phase two, or “oh good grief, how many pictures did I take last year?” will begin soon, or thereabouts.

Weight Report – 11 May 2008

What? What?? What??? I have no idea where that came from! I didn’t do any excess piggery yesterday, didn’t drink more than my customary single glass of wine, and didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. but despite that, my weight has Tiggered up enormously.

I’ll put it down to the after-effects of Friday’s sausage roll. Bad sausage roll!

Saltwell Park Snow – 3 January 2008

Here we are in the warmest weekend of the year so far, and I’m just getting round to my January snow pictures. Snow falls a lot less frequently than it did when I first came to live in this part of the country, and when it does, it rarely settles in that pretty Christmas card style, so this was the first chance I had to capture some with the 30D. It being my first time with snow, I made an elementary mistake – I forgot to add some exposure compensation which would have stopped the camera from turning bright white snow into a dull grey. But as I always shoot in RAW, Lightroom made it easy for me to recover from that, and the results are in this album.

Now if only Lightroom could make me get round to things a bit quicker.

Newcastle Photos – 30 January 2008

This is a small set of random pictures taken on a lunchtime walk on 30 January this year. There’s a piper, a scary medallion man, assorted buildings, and something I might be taking more pictures of later. That something being Haymarket Metro Station, which is to be redeveloped into a shiny new four storey building. While it’s been surrounded by fencing for months now, there’s no outward sign of what’s being done. Once it gets to the demolition and construction stages, I’ll take a lot more pictures.

Eldon Square Redevelopment – 30 January 2008

Yes, the tuits are plentiful today! This batch of photographs show the Eldon Square South development site at a time when the old buildings had been cleared and the ground was being prepared. There’s not that much to see, but the pictures will be a reminder of how big a space the new mall is going to cover.

Newcastle City Library – 30 January 2008

Yes, I’m still catching up on the backlog of pictures. Some of these may have already appeared here, once again via Flickr. But this is a full set showing some framework, some reflections and an awful lot of lens flare from the low January sun.