Eldon Square Redevelopment – 30 January 2008

Yes, the tuits are plentiful today! This batch of photographs show the Eldon Square South development site at a time when the old buildings had been cleared and the ground was being prepared. There’s not that much to see, but the pictures will be a reminder of how big a space the new mall is going to cover.

2 thoughts on “Eldon Square Redevelopment – 30 January 2008

    1. Les Post author

      That end of the centre wasn’t doing that well – it was originally designed to have a food court, but that was too far away from most of the shops to be a success. By rebuilding, they created space for a large anchor store (Debenhams), which leads people through the rest of the new mall. People who liked the Greenmarket weren’t happy, as that had to go along with the smaller stores.

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