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Lightroom Rumination

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve become a fan of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, which is an incredibly useful package for managing photos and turning RAW files into final products suitable for web, print or slideshow use. The beta of the forthcoming version 2 adds some nifty new stuff which makes it even better, and for me, means that the number of images that I need to export to actual Photoshop CS3 is greatly reduced. The upshot of this is that I spend much less time getting each image into a presentable form, which means that so long as I’m in the right frame of mind, I can deal with piles of pictures and get them on show, which is what it’s all about, really.

Because all the work I do in Lightroom is non-destructive – it leaves the original file untouched, saving all my work in its database – it’s really easy to try different approaches, and to create different versions of the same photograph. The keywording feature will make it easier to find particular images in the future, so long as I make a point of adding suitable keywords to all new photos, which I am making a point of doing now. As I slowly work back though last year’s pictures, I’ll be adding keywords to those, too – even the ones I don’t immediately use for the Gallery. This isn’t just me being obsessively geeky, it’s an investment for the future – at some point, a picture I rejected might be just what I need for something else..

Cardiff City Centre – 22 December 2007

OK, rather than take forever over this, I’ve split the Cardiff photos into two sets. The second, and larger one features Cardiff Bay, and I hope to have that done tomorrow evening. For now, here’s the first set, which show some moderately random landmarks around Cardiff City Centre. I arrived at Central Station from Pencoed, then took a roundabout route to Queen Street Station to get the train to Cardiff Bay. I could have taken another train, but I really wanted to have a look at my home town, which I hadn’t visited for a few years.

Among the pictures you will see some Doctor Who and Torchwood locations, some statues and sculptures, and some lovely buildings, including Cardiff Castle, which everyone should visit at least once. If you go, make sure you get the guided tour of the interior, which was rebuilt for the Marquess of Bute, then the richest man in the world, in a style best described as High Victorian Camp. Imagine the most over-the-top, gloriously bonkers Victorian decor. Then turn the knobs up to 15. That’s about half as mad as Cardiff Castle gets. Along with that, there’s the Norman keep, which offers some good views of the city, some remnants of the original Roman fort, and much more. It’s really quite wonderful.

You can also see the splendid early 20th Century Civic Centre, including the City Hall, with its dragons, and the National Museum and Gallery, a place I spend many Saturdays in as a child[1]. Along with some excellent displays of history and nature, there’s a superb collection of Impressionist art. Also well worth a long visit.

[1] Yes, I was a geek then, before I’d even heard the word :cheesy:

More Photos Soon

Now that I’ve caught up on this year’s pictures, I’m getting to work on last year’s, starting with my Cardiff visit in December. There are quite a lot of them, so I may not get them done before tomorrow. Do try to contain your excitement until then, won’t you?

Weight Report – 12 May 2008

Hmmm. Well, today’s weight is a bit lower than yesterday’s, but it’s still too high.

It was a grey, damp morning, so I got the bus to work, and things hadn’t improved by home time, so I didn’t walk back, either. Quite shocking. Allegations of sausage roll consumption may not be wholly inaccurate.