Cardiff Bay – 22 December 2007

Yes, the tuitness goes on! As I more or less promised yesterday, here are the pictures from my visit to Cardiff Bay last year. For most of the time I was there, it was a dull, grey day of the kind that makes photography a little more challenging. A lot of these pictures might have been better on a brighter day, but it was the only day I had, so I tried to make the most of it.

Doctor Who and Torchwood fans will recognise some of the locations, not least the water feature. I got a close look, but I didn’t see anyone being invisible around Torchwood’s back door :laugh:

Also in this set are the lovely brick Pierhead Building and the wooden Norwegian Church, which are survivors from the Bay’s last period of prosperity, when Cardiff exported coal to the world. Along with those are more modern buildings such as the Millennium Centre, Senedd (home to the Welsh Assembly Government) and the St David’s Hotel, with its distinctive sail on the roof. There’s also a nice selection of sculpture, some views of the bay looking towards Penarth Head, which is almost lost in the haze, and some birds, real and less real.

Some of these you may have seen before – I put a few on Flickr some time ago, but most are new. Oh, and watch out for the Dalek.