I’m Something of a Geek Myself…

…but sometimes I just stand in awe of the truly professional masters of geekery.

A case in point: KiX is a scripting language for doing clever stuff on Windows systems[1]. While it was created by a Microsoft employee, it’s very much an independent project. I’ve looked at it a few times, but never really got to grips with it, thanks to the usual tuit issues. One thing that stuck in my mind was from the title page of the manual:

KiXtart 2001: A Scripting Odyssey

Nicely geeky...

Yes, an Arthur C Clarke reference, which is guaranteed to give certain kinds of geek a warm fuzzy feeling. Nice. Not quite nice enough to make me get on with learning how to write useful scripts, but still very nice indeed. Moving on a few years, and some things have come up that suggested that getting my head round KiX would be a Good Thing, so while a colleague was applying his existing knowledge, I decided to get hold of the latest version to see if there was anything new that could be of use to us. The first thing I noticed was that it’s moved on from being KiXtart 2001 to the next major release, which is of course:

KiXtart 2010 ..it's full of scripts

KiXtart 2010 ..it's full of scripts

They broke the Geek Meter

..KiXtart 2010, with a suitably geeky reference. Anyone who doesn’t get it needs to do some reading, or at the very least some movie watching. Better still, some of both.

I presume the next release will be KiXtart 2061, but it might be a long wait. And the one after that will require an even longer wait….

[1] The kind of things that Unix geeks have been doing for ages with shell scripts, awk and bits of string