More Popular Than Who?!?

Amongst other places, the Daily Torygraph Telegraph reports that a suggestion that our delightful Prime Minister is not dismissing out of hand a suggestion that he should present a TV show along the lines of The Apprentice. The idea is that this could “make him as popular as Alan Sugar”. Now personally, I’m about as fond of that gentleman as I am of rabies, so I can’t really see that as being much of a target to aim for.

I generally avoid unreality shows like The Apprentice, as seeing people make fools of themselves in the pursuit of fame and fortune really doesn’t appeal to me, but Gordon’s version could be, err, interesting. I suppose they could call it The Parliamentary Undersecretary, or The Junior Researcher, and it would feature tasks like distracting the press from real events by making public appearances and suggesting ludicrous policies that would be outrageously unpopular if implemented, while only slightly less outrageous policies are implemented without anyone noticing.

Come to think of it, that’s been normal government policy for decades, so they wouldn’t really need a TV show to do that. Maybe it’s a desperate attempt to make Gordon look more human. Or an elaborate joke to distract the media from something else…

Gordon Brown may be new Alan Sugar in BBC1 ‘Apprentice’ – Telegraph

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