Newcastle and Gateshead – 5 December 2007

Yes! More of my photographic backlog! As with other recent sets, a small number have appeared on Flickr previously, but most are getting their first airing.

It was a clear sunny morning, and I took some pictures on my way to work. There are a few shots of the Trinity Square shops that are now surrounded by boards, and due to be demolished soon, some inevitable bridge pictures and more.

Around that time, the Glow Festival was on. This involved various buildings in Newcastle and Gateshead being illuminated in a variety of colours. Quite pretty, in some cases. These pictures were all shot hand-held, and some are a little shaky, but there are one or two that I’m quite happy with.

More pictures tomorrow. Probably. There are still loads for me to sort out, so this project is going to take a while.