No, not wittering, which some might say I do a lot of around here[1], but Twittering. For those who don’t pay much attention to such things, that’s the practice of using the service of Twitter to post short messages about what you’re up to. The messages, which are called Tweets[2] have a maximum length of 140 characters, which is a bit smaller than an SMS text message. And there’s a sound reason for that – SMS is one of the ways you can post updates. It can also be done through Twitter’s web site, a mobile version of the website, or through any one of the increasing number of clients that are being developed.

Why would you want to do that? Well, some things are just a bit too brief and ephemeral to warrant a blog post, but they might be of interest to your friends, family, or anyone else who’s keeping an eye on you. Or you could use tweets as notes to yourself for future reference. Or, well, whatever you like, really. Should you be so inclined, you can have the service send updates to your mobile phone about what your friends are up to. You can control who’s allowed to see your updates if you’re concerned about privacy.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to sign up and give it a try. I’ve no idea if I’ll keep using it for long, or if it’ll be one of those things that I lose interest in after a while, but for now, here it is. I’m using Alex King’s Twitter Tools plugin to link Twitter into Losing it[1]. This will do several things:

  • Put a list of my tweets in the sidebar
  • Send or create, or whatever it is, a tweet when I make a post here
  • Publish a daily post of my tweets here. Not sure if I’ll leave that turned on, we’ll have to see how it looks

If you’d like to keep an eye on what I’m up to between posts, my Twitter name is lesb, which suggests that it isn’t that popular yet, as most four-letter names tend to go quite quickly. My Twitter page is here. Of course if you’re reading this in a year’s time and I’ve stopped Twittering, that might not take you anywhere.

[1] And indeed elsewhere :tongue:
[2] Presumably “Twits” is reserved for users :smile: