Northumbria Universtity – 23 November 2007

And here we are with more pictures from the backlog. My lunchtime walk on 23 November last year included a look at Nothumbria University’s[1] new footbridge, which joins its original campus to the fancy expensive new one, which was built (I think) on the site of a former multi-screen cinema.

While there was an existing footbridge, which you can see in one of the pictures, it wasn’t in the best location, was narrow (as footbridges often are) and could only be accessed by stairs or a fairly steep ramp. The new one is nicely placed, much wider, and it’s a really cool design, too. There are some wideangle shots of it from various angles in the album.

[1] Which used to have the more awkward name of the University of Northumbria in Newcastle. Before that, it was Newcastle Polytechnic. Rumours that there was a plan to give it a different name until somebody noticed the initials might have been a bit rude are generally filed under “urban legend”.