Worse than Vogons?

Fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will know that Vogon poetry is the third worse in the galaxy. I have far too much consideration for my readers’ sanity to quote any here, but believe me, it’s bad. One of the contenders for “even worse than that” is the notorious William McGonagall, a 19th century Scottish “poet” renowned for such excruciating masterpieces as the one about the Tay Bridge disaster which includes the words seared into the brains of anyone unfortunate enough to have read them:

So the train mov’d slowly along the Bridge of Tay,
Until it was about midway,
Then the central girders with a crash gave way,
And down went the train and passengers into the Tay

Oh, sorry. I’m sure you’ll forget, given enough time and alcohol.

Anyway, it seems that some of McGonagall’s original poems are being auctioned, or “going under the hammer” as journalists like to say. I’d suggest that going under a large block of concrete would be a better fate for them…

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