Firefox 3 is Approaching

I’ve been running betas of Firefox 3 for, err, quite a while now, and it’s generally been quite well behaved. This morning, my Mac informed me that RC1 (that’s Release Candidate One for the less software-minded) was available, and did I want to upgrade. Well, I did, and after a bit of sulking, the beta went away, and the shiny new version installed itself.

As usual with updates to Firefox, some of my extensions are currently dead – the important ones being Greasemonkey and the essential Web Developer. I’m sure both will be fixed soon enough, though. I’m also missing View Source With, but I can cope without that for a while if necessary…

I haven’t noticed much difference from the last beta – some dialog boxes have new icons, but otherwise it looks much the same. RC status means that the developers are getting close to a final release. It looks like the rumoured date of some time in June will be about right.