Haymarket Redevelopment – 19 May 2008

This is the first batch of pictures showing the redevelopment of Haymarket Metro Station. The familiar round building has been surrounded by a metal fence for quite some time now, but nothing much seemed to be happening. I’m told[1] that work has been going on underground, but I haven’t found the time to get a ticket and descend into the bowels of the Earth yet[2].

But as I mentioned on Friday, the project has now moved on to a more interesting stage. A quite impressively hefty crane (labelled as “1000 Tonne Telescopic”) is on site, and it’s being used to lift some quite impressively big bits of steelwork. These are being assembled into the basic frame of the new building, which will be substantially larger than the current one.

In this album, you can see the framework, that big crane, and the general location. More to follow as the project progresses.

[1] Hi Sam! :wave:
[2] Haymarket has looooooong escalators

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